Famiton Score: Platinum Palace with 35 points for Death or Life 6


新一期的《Fami通》游戏评分公布,格斗游戏新作《死或生6》以35分的高分成为本周评分最高的游戏,成功进入白金殿堂。以下是各个游戏的具体评分:PS4/Xbox One《死或生6):35分(9/9/9/8)Switch《被遗忘的安妮》:32分(8/8/8/8)PS4《余生》Left Alive:31分(8/8/7/8)PS4/Switch《巫师交响曲》:30分(7/8/8/7)Switch《索斯机兽荒野纪:爆裂王者》:29分(7/8/7/7)PS4《飞速骑行3》:29分(7/8/7/7)Switch《桌上乒乓球》:28分(7/7/7/7)来源:ryokutya

The new issue of Famitone game scores announced that the new combat game "Death or Life 6" with a high score of 35 points as the highest score game of the week, successfully entered the Platinum Palace. The following are the specific scores of each game: PS4/Xbox One "Death or Life 6": 35 points (9/9/8) Switch "Forgotten Anne": 32 points (8/8/8) PS4 "The Remaining Life", "Left Alive: 31 points (8/8/7/8) PS4/Switch"Wizard Symphony": 30 points (7/8/7) Switch"Sox Machine Wilderness Discipline: Burst King": 29 points (7/8/7) 4"Speed Riding"(3/297/7) Switch Table Tennis: 28 points (7/7/7):ryokutya