3A Service Game, Evolution or Lie


服务型游戏(Game as a Service),指的是那些在游戏发售后继续通过发布额外内容来延长生命周期的游戏。作为一个最近几年被炒热的概念,服务型游戏深得各大3A游戏厂商的拥护,EA、育碧、动视暴雪、Square Enix等公司都先后在不同场合表示“服务型游戏即未来”,或是“让游戏从一次性购买的商品变成一项持续服务”的态度。他们也的确是这样做的,《命运2》《战地5》《彩虹六号:围攻》《最终幻想15》《全境封锁2》等等3A游戏都被戳上了“服务型游戏”的图章。于是,如今的现状就是,每个开发商都在想方设法将自己的游戏做成服务...

Game as a Service refers to those games that continue to extend their life cycle by releasing additional content after the game is released. As a hot concept in recent years, service-oriented games have won the support of major 3A game manufacturers. EA, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Square Enix and other companies have expressed & ldquo on different occasions; service-oriented games are future & rdquo; or & ldquo; let the game from a one-time purchase of goods into a continuous service & rdquo; Attitude. They did, too. 3A games like Fate 2, Battlefield 5, Rainbow 6: Siege, Final Fantasy 15, Blockade 2 and so on were stamped with the stamp of “ service game &rdquo. So, the current situation is that every developer is trying to make their own games into services.