GUST Producer: Want to be a "Benguerite" demon tail RPG


作为国内家喻户晓的“民工番”之一,《妖精的尾巴》是一部非常长寿的作品。但这个 IP 在游戏改编方面的境遇,却远不及隔壁的《火影忍者》和《海贼王》。排除手游和杂七杂八的联动,往前追溯居然还是有六、七年前的掌机游戏。因此,GUST 的制作人菊地啓介先生表示,想要打造一款“本格派”(正统)的妖尾 RPG。至今为止确实很久没有本格化的作品了,可能是其它厂商没有资源和精力去打造。GUST 制作了这么多「炼金工房」系列的游戏,也是将画师的 2D 作品转变成 3D 游戏。KT 出过很多动漫相关的作品,我们从这些内容中积累了很宝贵的经验。既然我本人有这方面的履历,以这个为切入点,我认为以妖尾为题材能够为大家带...

As one of the well-known "peasant laborers" in China, The Goblin's Tail is a very long-lived work. But the situation of this IP in game adaptation is far less than that of Next door's Ninja and Pirate King. Excluding hand games and miscellaneous links, there are still handheld games six or seven years ago. Therefore, the producer of GUST, Mr. Judi Qijie, said that he wanted to create a "benchmark" (orthodox) demon tail RPG. So far, there has been no personalized work for a long time. Maybe other manufacturers have no resources and energy to build it. GUST has produced so many games in the "Alchemy House" series, and also transformed the painter's 2D works into 3D games. KT has produced a lot of animation related works, we have accumulated valuable experience from these contents. Since I have my own experience in this field, with this as a starting point, I think that the theme of the demon tail can be brought to you.