Project xCloud云游戏体验:口袋里的Xbox One?

Project xcloud cloud game experience: Xbox one in your pocket?


      智能手机的不断普及使得各种各样的视听体验都可通过云端串流来进行,但对于交互性极强的电子游戏而言,这其中会遇到的很多困难是其他媒介所不会遇到的,这点从谷歌 Stadia 的情况和微软仍将 xCloud 定性为 beta 测试可以看出来。      谷歌想通过云给玩家提供一切,包括 4K/HDR 电视级别的画面目标,但微软的策略与其在某些方面大不相同。类似画面分辨率的目标可能没有谷歌那么激进,但在其他方面微软展现出了十足的野心。经过一段时间的体验后,知名游戏技术分析媒体 Digital Foundry 给出了目前 xCloud...

&With the continuous popularity of smart phones, all kinds of audio-visual experiences can be carried out through cloud streaming. However, for highly interactive video games, many of the difficulties encountered are not encountered by other media. This can be seen from the situation of Google stadia and Microsoft's characterization of xcloud as beta test. &Google wants to provide players with everything through the cloud, including 4K / HDR TV level picture targets, but Microsoft's strategy is quite different from that in some aspects. Similar image resolution goals may not be as radical as Google's, but in other ways Microsoft has shown full ambition. After a period of experience, the well-known game technology analysis media digital foundry gives the current xcloud