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大多数智能家居设备,例如智能灯泡或联网门锁,在能够相互交流的时候才变得最有用。也有人认为,智能家居设备之间的这种互动性并不能完全解决智能家居面临的各种问题。为了让智能家居设备之间进行互动,消费者必须选择一个特定的平台,例如苹果HomeKi或谷歌Works With Nest。

Most of the smart home devices, such as door lock, intelligent light bulbs or networking in able to communicate with each other to become the most useful. There are also people who believe that smart home devices between the interactivity and cannot completely solve the various problems facing the smart home. To make interaction between smart home devices, consumers have to choose a specific platform, such as apple HomeKi or Google Works With Nest.