Sakuna: rice and ruins


电击Online放出了一段模拟经营 RPG《Sakuna:稻米与废墟》的全新演示,展示了 Sakuna 的不同攻击方式以及各种组合攻击。击败各种敌人后,还有一段 BOSS 大鲶鬼的演示,在一顿骚气的操作下,大鲶鬼很快就倒在了主角面前。视频地址《Sakuna:稻米与废墟》是一款模拟经营 RPG 游戏,讲述掌管丰收的女神 Sakuna 与一群被放逐的人一起漂流到一个风光秀丽但非常危险的小岛,为了在此定居,Sakuna 开始了开辟田地和怪物退治的劳作,本作将于今年冬季登陆 PS4/Switch/PC 平台。演示截图:

Electric shock online released a new demonstration of simulated RPG "sakuna: rice and ruins", showing different attack modes and various combination attacks of sakuna. After defeating all kinds of enemies, there is also a demonstration of boss big catfish ghost. Under the operation of a coquette, the big catfish ghost soon fell in front of the main character. Video address "sakuna: rice and ruins" is a simulated RPG game, which tells about sakuna, goddess in charge of harvest, and a group of exiled people drifting to a beautiful but very dangerous island. In order to settle down here, sakuna started the work of opening up fields and retreating monsters. This work will land on PS4 / switch / PC platform this winter. Screenshot of demonstration: