The Game Awards 2019将有约10款新作公布,不包含《生化危机3 重制版》

About 10 new works will be released in the game awards 2019, excluding the biochemical crisis 3 remake


The Game Awards 创始人兼主持人 Geoff Keighley 近日在 Reddit 透露,在 TGA 2019 颁奖典礼上将会有约 10 款游戏/项目新作公布。虽然在过去一段时间有不少展前提前泄露的消息让玩家倍感不爽,不过 Geoff Keighley 表示玩家现在不要相信在网上看到的各种传言。对于《生化危机3 重制版》的泄露,有玩家认为本作将在 TGA 2019 颁奖典礼公布,对此 Geoff Keighley 表示“今年颁奖典礼上的内容还没有遭到泄露”,言外之意就是《生化危机3 重制版》不会出现在 TGA 2019 颁奖典礼上。可以确定的是,《英雄联盟》开发商 Riot 成...

Geoff Keighley, founder and host of the game awards, recently revealed in reddit that about 10 new games / projects will be announced at the TGA 2019 awards ceremony. Although in the past some time there have been a lot of information leaked in advance before the exhibition that made the players uncomfortable, Geoff Keighley said that the players should not believe the various rumors seen on the Internet now. Geoff Keighley said that "the content of this year's award ceremony has not been disclosed" for the leakage of "biochemical crisis 3-remake", which means that "biochemical crisis 3-remake" will not appear in the TGA 2019 award ceremony. To be sure, riot, the developer of hero League, became